Welcome to our new site!

We would like to welcome you to our new site! We have added some new features like this newsletter, where you can sign up with your email on our home page, or at the bottom of the page to follow us along and stay updated on all happenings Heimat. As summer approaches midway, we’re putting a close on last season and preparing for the next.  We enjoyed closing it off working with Andre Roy, Mathieu Herzog, Paul Katz and the Cavani Quartet at Encore Music Festival. As we look upon the start of next season, we are preparing for programs throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. We are also excited for our Carnegie Hall premier, where we will be debuting a new commission thanks to our mentors and faculty at the Montclair State Cali School of Music. As you might call this the debut of our newsletter, we would like to give you a taste of some of the exciting things we are working on for next season with more on the way! Please consider signing up your email address for our newsletter or following us on Facebook and Instagram, the links for which can be found at the bottom of the page!


Brendon Phelps